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Found 3 results

  1. Turbulent noise bug?

    Hey friends, noticed a strange thing with Houdini. Using turbulent noise in AttributeVOP to displace my mesh. If I promote Roughness parameter it messes up the look. However it also seems to be that maybe it's just a bug with whole values? When I try to make roughness 0.99999 instead of 1 it's giving a similar result to promoted parameter. Is this just a bug? What's happening here exactly? I like the look I am getting at the full values like 1&2 etc. I can hook them up to a custom menu value by copying and pasting relative references. But unsure if the effect I'm achieving is just happening due to a bug, which would be a bit scary using in production in case the bug is fixed in the next version haha. 2021-05-11_11-18-35.mov turbNoiseBug_v01.hiplc
  2. Hi; I would like to use "Turbulent Noise" as a displacement texture in my material, but it doesn't works properly, why? My goal is to achieving a displacement output like this link: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/45673/?page=1 Thanks for helping. Displacement.hip
  3. Hi Everyone, Just had a quick question that someone could maybe help me out with... What is the difference between turbulent noise using the perlin function and using aanoise with the perlin function? aanoise seems to give you values in the negative and the turb noise has different fall off due to the attenuation calculation on the node, but what would be the main reason to use the one over the other ? besides the default starting look ? Are there any speed or render noise differences? Many Thanks R