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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, i have been reading all about Ray Tracing and Path Tracing, and i know what both of them mean, but i'm confused about certain stuff. Is Path Tracing an upgrade to Ray Tracing? Or is it is own algorithm that replaces Ray Tracing? and do we have it in Mantra or not? I know that Path Tracing mainly provides solutions to GI problems, is that already implemented in Mantra? I need some clarifications regarding this, Thanks!
  2. I'm starting to learn dynamics, and I want to output the direct and indirect ray samples from a volume using the pyro shader. I've set the mantra node to output the extra image planes, but when I use ray tracing neither image plane has any info. I can get information when I set the render type to PBR or instead use the billowy smoke shader, but I'm curious as to why it wouldn't work with ray tracing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Comp Specs: Intel Xeon E5 2650 (2x) 32 GB ram Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Windows 10 Pro Houdini 14.0.702 pyroDirectIndirect_styakow.hip
  3. Lens shader and PBR

    Apologies for cross-posting. This is also in Coder's Corner/Shaders--but since this is actually a vopnet... I've developed a stereo lens shader for Arnold, and have replicated its functionality in Houdini--almost. I'm using a grid in front of my ortho camera, transforming P to NDC and driving all of my math from these values. I am using "Refracted Light" VOP in my surface shader to fire rays from an origin that I've computed in a direction that I've computed. All is fine and well when using Ray Tracing--although I was a bit surprised to find that [0,0,0] P ray origin in this context is actually Camera Origin, not Object Origin.(even though it's a surface shader) That's fine--move grid to -0.1 in Z and Camera to zero and all is well. When I started working with PBR, I find that I cannot change the Ray Origin using "Refracted Light." No matter what I do, the ray origin is geometry Surface P. I can get close to the proper results for non stereo if I use a tiny, tiny grid and ortho plane size--but this will never be exact and makes me feel dirty. Furthermore, I need to dramatically alter the ray origin across the image plane for any stereo application of this shader. So--three questions: - How can I exert this control over ray origin in PBR? (direction works fine) - Is there a way to detect the renderer being used from within the shader? (like I said--PBR and RT behave very differently) - Will we ever get the capacity for creating proper lens shaders for Mantra? I'm sure this all stems from a fundamental misunderstanding I have regarding what to do with the BSDF parameter--but not sure how to proceed. Any help is appreciated. Cheers -matt Like This Quote MultiQuote Edit