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Found 4 results

  1. Bullet Collision problem

    Hey all, I'm trying to pack primitives for the bullet solver that include baked ODE data for compound collisions proxies. The red nodes are a method that is currently not working but is ideal for setting up constraints. Attached below is a example file with identical inputs to identical simulations with one key difference. In green I am baking ODE data inside of a for loop and packing each object individually the ODE data is maintained and the simulation works. In red I am copying the name data to the ODE baked primitives, and instead pack each piece using the name attribute OUTSIDE The forloop. In this case the ODE data is lost. There are two nulls on the side where I've broken out a single identical piece to show the ODE data difference for each means of processing the pieces.Does anyone know why the pack using name would remove the ODE data from the piece? WhyTho.hip
  2. hello,guys. I am studying Houdini now.  I can not solve the problem of sop solver in the DOP network. I would like to scale the deformed RBD packed Object with time with Sop solver. We connected RBD packed object and Sop solver to multi solver. Scaling in SOP Solver will be reflected, but for RBD packed Object Deformation becomes invalid. Also, if you also use bullet solver, the deforming of RBD packed Object will be valid, but scaling in SOP Solver will be the first one frame only. Is there a way to solve this problem? Finally, I'm sorry for weird sentences because I am using google translation. Thank you for seeing this topic.
  3. Hello everyone... I have a problem with an RBD packed object inheriting velocity. In the file, I have the attribute active being set by another object, but the velocity doesn't kick in at all. The velocity works if I remove the point wrangle setting active to 0 and remove the sop solver. If I try a pop vop or a geo vop, there's some weird velocity behavior that happens. If I tick on override attribute, the velocity takes off big time and doesn't appear that gravity takes hold. All I'm looking for is initial velocity once the pieces become active. I saw a few threads on the side fx forums and this forum, but nothing I saw seems to be working. Any thoughts? test_active_velocity.hipnc
  4. Sorry if this question has been asked before (I've been searching the forums and still can't find an answer) but I have a question about setting up constraints for RBD Packed Objects. In a nutshell, what I'm looking to do is allow my main piece of geometry to "stay in place" while gravity only affects the pieces that are being collided with. I should mention I'm still relatively new to Houdini so I don't really have any idea of how this process has changed over serval versions—I'm on 15—nor do I have an extensive knowlegde of Houdini at this point (unfortunately, but that's why I'm learning). So far the issue I seem to be having is that my gravity is pulling down all of my fractured pieces (which are being held together by a glue constraint) but this geometry is part of a larger building which means I have to make sure it looks as if it is attached to the larger structure. Example image below. Hopefully this all makes sense and is enough to go on because I brought in all of my assets from Maya (alembic). I feel like I'm just missing something really simple here... tried adding a Pin Constraint earlier but realized there is a difference between using constraints with RBD Packed Objects and a regular RBD Object node... now I'm at a loss. Thanks in advance for any advice! -B