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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, my question might look like strange, in the picture you can see, there is a crack before the simulation starts ( this is in the rbdbullet solver) , How to fix this ?? here is setup omucikiyos@HPaste
  2. so i have a RBD bullet solver. i am dropping a sphere on top of a material fracture using a point velocity node piped into the collision geometry input of the RBDbullet solver. the sphere only displays when i have "Display visualization geometry" checked in the Visualize tab of the rbdbullet solver. Once i go to my node below the Solver, i can no longer see the sphere. I tried importing into the main network in another geo but that doesnt seem to work either. All i want to see is the actual geometry, not the visualization , of the sphere i am feeding into the collision geometry input. I think im missing something really simple. Any ideas? Thanks guys.
  3. Hello guys, greeting. I'm just getting started with Houdini and there are lots of things I still don't understand. currently working for disintegration effect. My goal is I want to kill the remains Fracture from the geo(obj) or make it gone after a certain frame. in my first attempt, I'm using pop kill in the rbdbulletsolver container with random mode and keyframing at a certain point. it works when I preview in the container, but when I go back to geometry to see the whole process, it turns my logo back to its shape. I'm guessing that every time the fracture killed by popkill it turns the fracture back to my obj shape. how do I fix this ? or is that something wrong with my node ? I put the picture below.
  4. Hi, Is this the way to add a SOP Solver in the new RBD Bullet Solver SOP? I noticed that we have access to a lot of nodes inside it. It says "wire pop forces into here" but not sure how to hook up a SOP Solver. I'd like to set up some custom activation inside this RBD Bullet Solver SOP.
  5. Hi all, I am currently learning the rbd bullet solver for class and playing with the settings more, I have broken up some geo with the rbd material fracture. I was wondering how I can animate the stiffness of constraints on rbd constraint node (or the rbd solver node) so that the geo starts to fall apart and then come back together as it doesn't seem to allow me to keyframe values. I also noticed there is a stiffness parameter in the rbd constraints node as well as the rbd solver. Is there much difference for these?
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