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Found 3 results

  1. When I use shelf tools like about destruction or pyro, Houdini makes rest node and rest field. and I don't know where can I use it. I think rest node for destruction and rest field in pyro are completely different but I don't know how can I use it. I'm the beginner of Houdini and so .. help me ! Sorry for my English btw TT
  2. OpenCL and Smoke Dual Rest

    During testing Dual Rest Fields in Smoke solver found out that "Gas Advect CL" (in OpenCL mode) doesn't want to advect "rest rest2" fields. Microsolver just shows warning: The same in H15.5 and 16 Google said nothing..
  3. Hi I found a strange behaviour while using rest field and changing the start frame on the dop network: - rest2 is empty if the start frame is not 1 - rest is empty if the start frame is not a multiple of "frames between Solve" from the pyro solver. Have I done anything wrong? Is it a bug? Thanks in advance for answering Claire bugInPyroRestField.hip