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windows XP 64 bit??


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hi i work on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop which is 64 bit compatible..

issue is that damned Dell has shipped it with a 32 bit OS..

I have been searching for 64 bit Drivers for Win XP for my laptop but am having a real tough time..

Does anyone have 64 bit Drivers for the same ? or has faced similar issue?? I'm planning to dual boot it with Ubuntu later on..

any help/suggestion would be highly appreciated..


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Yeah, I blame MS for holding back the desktop 64-bit market. Hopefully Win7 will address some of those issues. In the meantime, I'd suggest trying Ubuntu. You don't even need to install it per se to see if there are any driver problems. Just download the 64-bit desktop edition and burn it into a CD. I believe you can just boot with it and try it out right away without installing. Or you can try the Windows Ubuntu Installer, Wubi.

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hey Ed thanks for the reply..

yeah i'm pissed to death by MS and Dell..I currently am running both Win XP and Ubuntu (32 bit ver of both)

Ubuntu has been great and so I wanted to switch over to 64bit for any speed benefits I might get in return :D

I guess I should go ahead with giving a majority of disk space to ubuntu and rest to windows..

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vostro 1700 win2008 server 64 bits here. I tried it 5 months ago... never looked back :) (same drivers as vista 64)

I ran into the same problem when i installed xp 64. And actually all the drivers are the same for most of dell laptops(for matching components of course). But dell just let you download the driver for the windows version that ships with your laptop brand (lets say xps, studio, vostro, etc)

You can use Everest software to figure out the chipset/brand of all the components.

When you have components/chipset list, just go to the dell support web and search for xps/latitude/precision drivers (those 3 ships with xp 32/64 and vista 32/64) and download the drivers that match your components.

For example in the precision m6400 driver for windows xp 64 page, inside the audio tab you are gonna read "applies to 92HDxxx HD Audio"

(If i remember correctly, for windows xp 64 you need to install the Intel HD Audio patch before installing the actual driver, you can find it inside the folder in which you unziped the driver package)

My drivers are (SERVER2008/VISTA 64)(you can google them and check if "applies to..." your stuff, just if you are planning to install vista 64 or 2008 server 64)

Audio: R190517.EXE

Bluetooth: R161378.EXE

Network BroadCom: R154493.EXE

Chipset: R153997.exe

MultiCardReader: R161772.EXE

Synaptics Touchpad: R165804.exe

WebCam Creative: R165116.EXE

Wifi depends on your choice

Search that one yourself, and if you plan to install xp 64, search them all that way :)

Easy as pie :)

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yep no problem, the drv names for vist64/2008 was just for my case, but using the same method you can find all the xp64 ones

The only downside with 2008 64 (as with the xp64 and vista 64) its the problem/bug in houdini(?) with the obj rop (sometimes it exports 0kb obj files).

Without considering that thingie i love it.

Boots fast, feels faster than xp, and uses the same amount of memory than xp 64, and actually the "windows getting slower and painful curve" is considerably slower.

I used to have several acronis disc images from the windows instalation and tunning stages to pour over the disc every 2 weeks or so. And i didnt use acronis since i installed win 2008 (almost 5 months now). Im impressed mainly about that i didnt feel the need to get the acronis cd because windows its gettin chubbie.

Not a technical review as you can see, just my experience, the last time i felt this way i was using win2000 :P

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