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How to orient pivot of a transform sop?


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this is a simple question but I haven't found a positive answer on my own yet...

Is it posible to orient the axis of a transform sop?

Let's say I want to modify a character arm and I want to align the transform sop rotation axis with the arm orientation, so it can be rotated properly "realistically", like a bone would do.

The only way I know to do this right now, is actually using bones, but for the purpose, it would be so much simpler to be able to align my transform sop the way I want.

Anyone can help on thsi one? Thanks!

Good night!

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If you're animating, you should just use Object nodes where you can maintain a "transform hierarchy". Otherwise, I guess you could try the TransformAxis SOP.

It's to move point part a model..so I need to do it at sop level.

Transform axis sop is a solution, but it only transform on 1 axis, which is a down side. And there's is no Soft Transform axis sop, which could be really handy. I guess it could be done by hand, but I have no clue how...any idea? or exemples?


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Thanks Guys,

Simon I guess that would be a simple and efficient solution.

I wonder why I didn't think of that actually. I still wondering why it's not possible to do that directly within the transform sop, it feels to me like it's missing this.

Edward: sorry, but I don't understand what you suggest, could you show me an exemple please?

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