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thanks, thanks , thanks....

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first of all i want to thank every one had replied on my last topic,u are really helpfull ,but...

i began with photoshop to learn the basic of 2d then i have started with 3dsmax to learn 3d graphics..i faced some problems while i tried to learn

some of them i solved and alot of them i couldn't.. but i am keeping on to try and i will do it coz i like to be good in graphics...

i need some help in basic knowlege...what the difference between ( patch, nurbs,meshs ) coz i couldn't find the way for using them ..for example if i wish to modeling any kind of model ( cars , people , house..etc ) how i choose one of them ( patchs or meshs or nurbs ) ?

i think 3dsmax has alot of modefilers for eachone and i cant find the difference (not the definitions ) and when i use one of them ( in more details which one is relastic in modilling ? and more relastic and has more

effective )

thanks alot and please forgive me for my horrible english :P:P:unsure::angry::lol:

thanks alot ,,and really u are good guys

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Hey there

I'm first again :).

hmm... As far as I know there is no difference between patches and NURBS. Perhaps other softwares make a distinction, but I'm fairly certain that when people talk about patch modeling they mean NURBS modeling.

As for the difference between patch(NURBS) and mesh, I think they're fairly similar in Houdini terms. Both are parametric surfaces, but just are constructed differently. NURBS is probably better since it creates a smoother surface.

The biggest difference comes between NURBS and poly(subdivision) modeling. Here is an article that briefly discusses the difference between the two methods (difference).

Now for your question of which is better and more realistic? Well, that's going to be another one of those "It doesn't matter" answers :). I've seen people model unbelievable humans with NURBS patches as well as polygons.

In my experience polygonal modeling is much easier to use when modeling organic surfaces. Even though NURBS comes with the smooth surface built in you're limited by only using square patches to model with. With polygons you can build any shape you desire and not worry too much about the construction (well, you should but not as much as NURBS :)).

NURBS are easier to model man made objects (cars, machines, ROBOTS!!, Giant Death Rays!, etc. :D ).

But again, it all comes down to personal preference. I've seen many flame wars online because of people fighting over which is better. Neither is better, they both have their strengths and weaknesses and you just need to find out what they are.

Hope this helps


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