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predators movie sneak peek. what do you think

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yeah, well, due the nature of the forum and the users, i supose you like this kind of stuff, so what do you think about this new produccion and the special effects it will have??...

the synopsis and the plot sounds very very interesting, a group of the best killers and mercenaries of the world in a hunting game against other predators in other planet with agresive alien animals.

characters like a mercenarie killer, a yakusa ninja, a dangerous prision convict, and other fierce warriors of all the world against the intergalactic hunters... sounds good, what do you think?.


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I must say that I've always been a fan of Predator and Aliens and even the games "Alien Versus Predator"... the movies about the two don't do justice to the games or the comic book universe...

As for this movie, I liked the trailer but... let's hope they do the right thing this time!

Sometimes I wonder why hollywood doesn't buy the rights to one of the many many dozens comic book stories that Dark Horse releases about Predator, Aliens or both...

Anyway. thanks for the link to the trailer...

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