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Baloon Geometry

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Hi there!

I'm wonder, how to create a baloons geometry on strings, like on pic from famous movie.

I made a spheres geometry convert to an Elastic object.

But I want to give them a strings/tinny ropes and chain up its on floating object(for ex. another sphere in the middle) the best procedurally not manualy.

I want to make an squeeze effect between baloons which has an elastic strings and different sizes- so make some randomize effect. sth.like on pics.

I need just 90 baloons :)



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I imagine sth like this .

but of course this doesn't work. because I don't know how to "wire" this strings and become it elastic.

the second pic is alternative of wiring between the baloons. Than I want to create a randomize net between baloons..




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Hei quarel,

interesting to see you are doing the balloon bouquet.

I did once as well, inspired by the move "UP".

But I did quite a lot of work manually;

still with Houdini I mainly duplicated and created all balloons based on input shape and scattered points. As well as stamping some random values for size rotation and color. that's all I did in Houdini. Which would have taken me to do ages manually.

I hope you find your way doing this ;)

this is my version:

Flying house (Pixar's UP inspiration)


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hi Andriukas,

thanx for advance,

Exactly for this I start to learn python, because I approx. know how I want to look it. Just learn the process .

I want to do it as one big dynamic process. SO the ballons should go in their best possition trought time. I hope you understand me:)

stay tuned on this topic. As soon as I do it , I'll post it here:)


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Hi quarel,

I have the same problem, and I can't find a solution right now.

I have a set of curves, witch I feed in a wire object, and then two wireGlueConstraints : the first to attach all curves to a static point, and an another constraint poistioned a the end of each curve.

I also a rbdPointObject to copy some geometry a the end of every one of my curve: simply applying an up force to simulate rising baloon.

I just can't find a way to attach this baloons to the wire glue constraint.

I guess a way to do that would be to reference each baloon's position in the "goal location" parameter in the wireGlueConstraint node.

how can I do that ? <_<

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