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I am importing a Maya animation in Houdini because I want to start a flame-type effect at frame 288 of this animation, and I need to be able to position the effect correctly. In the "pyro" node, I set the creation frame to 288, but Houdini wont sim it at all. The "brain" icon is clicked on but to no avail. I also tried changing "start frame" on the autoDop network to 288, but that did not work either. I'm at a loss. Any ideas? Thanks.

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easiest way to do this is check "Creation frame Specifies Simulation Frame" Parameter on all DOP nodes that have it (pyro object, source RBD object, optional fuel, ... )

and keep Creation Frame on 1 for all of these nodes

then simply changing Start Frame on DOP network should work

or as you did, change Creation Frame for all of these nodes

so not only for pyro, but for source object too

also if your source geometry is deforming then don't forget to check Use Deforming Geometry

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Not sure if use are still active within the forum, but I am trying this in 18.5 to offset my timer but its making my geometry disappear then appear at the set timer, instead of staying there? Any ideas on how I can fix this?


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