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chop net as texture

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i have a png sequence with alphainfomration and i like to place it on a constant shader...so far everything works fine with $F in the filepath.... now i d like to offset the sequence in relation to my scenetimeline.I thought the best way doing this is loadig the sequence in cops first use a timeshift cop and reload the shifted sequence from the copnet as a colormap for my constant. ... so how i ve to setup the path of my constant colormap? ...

hope thats understandable

thx a lot


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what are you processing in CHOPs?

the best way to offset sequence is putting the expression in the name instead of $F

like $HIP/img/file`$F+10`.png

if your sequence names are like 0001, 0002, 0003, ... then it would be

$HIP/img/file`padzero(4, $F+10)`.png

if you want to offset by timeline start then it would be

$HIP/img/file`padzero(4, $F-$RFSTART)`.png

if you process the frame number in CHOPs, then you can bring it to filename like this

$HIP/img/file`padzero(4, chop("/ch/ch1/null1/chan1"))`.png

you can use COPs to offset frames (Shift COP)

then bring it to texture through op:/ syntax, but it's less effective than just offsetting by expression

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thx anim!!

further question .... each sequence i d like to bring in as a texture has a direct related sound file.... so i m shure that's kind of a strange workflow but i d like to bring those in for timing of the animation. so how to achive the same offset of the audiofiles in relation to my png sequences? is it possible to do a simple mixdown in a channel network to get a propper related audiotrack in my scenetimeline.

edit: i figured a simple mixdown with a merge node in the channelnet ... is there something to take care of in terms of fileformats ore samplerates ... i ve aiff's with 48000khz and the playback in timeline does not realy work well.


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sure CHOPs are made for this so i suppose you have solved that synchro part

as for file formats i have no experience with other than wav and mp3

but you can check Audio Panel and Try different modes, i usually work in Scrub mode, it's kind of only one that works for me

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