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cymatics in houdini... is it posible?

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well, i friend of mine was asking if houdini is capable to simulate cymatics just like cymatics in real life... he means this:

a sound afecting particles or fluids that creates diferent fractal paterns bassed on the sound frequency

could it be posible to simulate in houdini?

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I think the main problem here is getting a beautiful resonating wave, perhaps needing more accuracy than the dop solvers can provide, or obtaining the right frequencies/dimensions/harmonics. Once you have that I can think of a variety of ways of vizualizing it.

A simple method would be to extract wave height for a single geometry (not a sequence), and then use that to drive a force (attractor). That would presumably look nice and be fast but perhaps be not physically realistic (?).

If you happen to have equations describing the system in question, then its perhaps possible to set it up in vex.

Not sure my attached file does actually do anything useful or realistic but its a quick attempt. It's not very good and quite messy but gives you something to play with.

There are 2 methods different from the one described above: One uses a dop rippled grid to drive an attractor. The other does something similar but creates a vel field to advect particles. That last one gives nice results and is not too slow if you set up a rop to cache geometry.




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