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Combed normals doesn't follow topology

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I am trying to comb my normals to put feathers on my bird, it works ok when the mesh doesn't deform, if it does my combed normals doesn't follow the topology of my mesh.

How can I solve this?


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Watch out for SOPs that re-initialize Normals on-the-fly. The Transform SOP comes to mind. All these SOPs will have a toggle on them to rebuild the normals. Make sure one of those isn't messing up your sculpted normals.

If you are using the Deform SOP, it should deform normals nicely with your surface. If you have custom attributes you want to deform, the Deform SOP has a parameter where you can specify those attributes.

A simple example file would help nail the issue.

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Thank you very much for the assistance, I really appreciate.

I can´t send this file because it´s from work, I´ll try to do one with the similar situation.

The mesh is imported from Maya and it has a vertex cache so I am not using the deform SOP, the screen that I posted is taken directly from the result of a comb SOP after the mesh is imported from Maya, the normals that come with it are working fine and updating with the surface direction on deformation.

I am using the normals as a up vector and my combed normals as the N direction which works fine on the deformation on most of the body, the biggest problem are on the wings, the feathers that are perpendiculars to the direction of the deformation like the ones in the pic don´t follow the deformation, they just stick with the initial direction that they were combed.

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I did a quick test doing a quick rig on Houdini, if I do that and comb my normals before the deform SOP it works just fine, the problem is that my mesh is coming from Maya with a geometry cache.

Is there a way to make Houdini calculate the deformation of my combed normals from it?

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Yeh! :lol:

The attributeReorient SOP worked like a charm, I just have to put it there and point the rest and the deformed geometry and that´s it. Nice! I didn't even knew this node.

Thanks Edward and everybody very much for the useful help, the people on this forum saved me again.

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