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Graphics card buying advice....


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Hello everyone,

I am going to purchase a system to run Houdini on cause there is no version for Mac. My finances are not that great at this point is time but I am excited at the thought of starting to put together a demo reel in Houdini. However I need some buying advice.

I will be getting an athlon cpu with abotu half a gig of ram. My question is which Graphics card should I get? Is it necessary to go with a workstation card or can I make it with a GeForce or a normal Radeon?

Also I need somethign that is supported for Linux.

Thanks for the advice..

p.s. If you want to suggest a particular flavour of Linux please feel free to do so...

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Hey trini

You can't go far wrong with a geforce card.. I was using a Geforce 2 Ultra for a long while and it was pretty good... Not the fastest out there, but pretty good :).

Not so sure about the radeons though....

As for linux, Redhat is probably the easiest to get running and use. Setting up houdini is a breeze on that, so its probably the one to go for..

Good luck with your machine :), and let us know how it goes.



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Ok so my foray into Houdini was pushed back about six months and now I am stuck in another stupid web php job looking to break into Houdini again. My system which I eventully built to work on web apps looks like this:

Athlon XP 2500 Mobile ( can overclocking be dangerous to working with Houdini? )

512 RAM

Geforce4 MX440 video card.

I used gentoo to code so I am hoping to be able to install houdini on the same distro. What do you guys think about my setup and my chances of getting houdini apprentice to run on it? Thanks for the input.


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