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Autogrid is very usefull snap in 3dsmax. It allows to create object on the surface of another object, using normal of polygon to align new object on it.

Is there some option to make new object on the surface of another without manually transformation?


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I use the ray SOP for that with normal propagation. Use a point, and then copy the object on it.

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Quite a few options here. First to be considered is what better suits your needs:

1) sops land, or

2) two separated objects, from which first is a surface to place on, second an object to be placed.

In 1) scenario, RaySOP, CopySOP, various expressions or VEX. Sometimes, instead of projecting geometry with RaySOP, it's better to design a network in such a way, so a geometry is placed on a surface with CopySOP. In practice this works best if an input geometry doesn't have its own transform (transforming template is fine).

In 2) RivetOBJ can transform an object into local space of a group of polygons of another object (also computing orientation from its attributes).

Very flexible option are CHOPs, since you can modify surface transformation before applying it onto second object.



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O, thank you very much! I'll try all possibilities.

Well, in fact the reason for what i need to do it is placing automaticaly portal lights in architecture exterior-interior scene with a lot of space and windows. I didn't found the solution for make network rule for do it automaticaly, so must to do it manually, but it is a little slow to move such a big count of lights by transform node.

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