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Houdini's own implemtation of PY


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Ah, well, it uses the not-the-very-latest-version-of-Python, but I don't think that's a big problem. Perhaps that's what he/she meant. I don't think it's important. Don't worry about it. By the time such a thing would really become an issue for you, you've probably got other concerns than using the latest Python version anyway.

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But it was mentioned as negative thing. Don't really see why HOM would be a such:)

It's about python interpreter and Windows, where Houdini can't really use system python interpreter, because it can'be be sure it was complied with the same version of MVSC++ as H. So it comes with a minimal version of python compiled by SESI. It means there is a chance that one of your favorite python module won't work with it (specially if it has a c++ code in it ot it's a plain wrapper around C code). It happens. For Linux, Houdini's implementation of Python rocks.

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