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Hi Gang,

If you build a HDA from a collection of object level nodes.There is a tab on the HDA ( subnet ) that gives a list of nodes contained so you can pick a node to output the transforms from. So any object level node plugged into the output of your HDA picks up the transform from the node you select. Sounds great ! but all the parameters are greyed out ( locked ). You can select a node from the list and make it a default from the RMB menu, but that's hardly useful as its scene dependent.

This obviously raises the question how can I set a HDA to output "mynode" as a transform output ?


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I tend not to mess with this stuff if I can help it but...

could you have multiple nodes (nulls etc) as your transform output node

then a switch

then a null called "mynode"

mynode would be the default transform node but it would get it's transform info from the switch...


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Hi Michael,

I had a brief workaround from SESI but indeed you mess with those settings at your peril !. I found although it worked other settings would be incorrect. In the end I had to get some python help to drive through a on creation script. With all that in mind I am increasingly becoming aware of road blocks with HDA's, maybe that's just due to the work flow on my current job.


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while there may be road blocks with using HDAs - I think a better understanding of what they are and how best to use them (this only comes with long experience :\ ) will reveal their usefulness...

often when people have trouble doing what they want in Houdini it's just a matter of explaining what you're trying to do - it might be that there is a simple approach you've not though of...

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Just wondering how you set the output transform of an HDA at OBJ level from a node inside the HDA. Iv done it before but i can not remember for the life of me?


can someone shed some light on this?


pulling my hair out here and cant seem to find any info on this at all?





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