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Wire solver,rigid to elastic?


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Hi I just started experimenting with wires and I have a sphere that has a long wire attached to it with a pin constraint. The wire behaves nice and ropey when the sphere moves but I want the initial start of the wire to be rigid on points 0-10 and then flexible onwards.I want to do this to the part where it is attached to the sphere so that it looks like its being held firmly while the rest of the wire droops down.I am guessing that the set of points that I want firm should have a very high 'non-elastic' factor while the rest of the wire should behave as it is but I have no idea where or what to do next from what I have set up.Need some advice.


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I created the attribute for kangular.What puzzles me is the value.Do i need to add a expression in there to make it work because at this point I cant see any changes.

Is it possible for the wire to affect a group of points as opposed to the entire curve? This way I can make sure that points 0-10 stay unaffected by the wire solver?

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Hi all,


I am reading this thread and wish to do something similar. I am using a SOP solver to change the kangular value on my wires, for when they go into and out of water.

Referring to this:

"just create attribute named kangular in SOPs prior to DOPimport
it will act as per point multiplier for kangular parameter on wire object
so make it's value higher at the root and then it can falloff to 1"


This sounds like exactly what I wish to do. When you say, create attribute in SOPs prior to DOPimport - I have made an attribute create node before my DOPimport node, and connected the output into the input of the DOPimport. At the moment this is erroring, would someone be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks alot.

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