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this is just an illustration for a polyextrude request

(see attatchment):

the present workaround is to horizontally scale

after extrusion, which currently does some unwanted

rotation (http://www.sidefx.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1557),

or to edit.


[from second post]:

... this is just an illustration of how any modification

of global poly-extrude should not work with

concave extrudes. In the illustration the 3dsmax

extrude maintains an equal distance along all new

side edges instead of keeping the relative angle

of the extruded faces. The ideal would maintain

this relative angle as well as the angles between

extruded faces and side faces.




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Another request while were at it. When extruding edges, it would be nice if the transform handle was placed in the center of the selected edges instead of placing it on the first edge you picked. Makes scaling much more intuative.

Yeah, that would be great for Global mode. Would you want it for local mode too though?

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