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phantom in passes

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I was wondering if there is a way to make mantra render object as phantom in one image plane and have it as non phantom in another?

for example in the scene with a ball on the plane I would like to render an occlusion pass for a plane (while ball is a phantom). But on the other image plane I would like to have a normal pass with both of those objects as non phantom...

let me know what would be the fastest way to render those two passes.


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I was hoping it would be possible to force phantom parameter in the shader...

I think the answer is no, but not sure. The most intuitive way to me would be to create another output driver and another take where the phantom parameter of objects is toggled as necessary.

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I am not familiar what "phantom" does to the shader. As I understand it just skips the primary bounce. How would I replicate this in the shader?

You could create your own "phantom" shader that is driven by point attributes rather than the object level phantom parameter.

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