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Silly Challenge no. 2


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Howdy everyone!

How about taking the challenge up to the next by making the stuff as "procedural" as possible by making it adaptable to animation, and size changes? :D That's where we can truly utilize Houdini's procedural power. :)

I can dig it :D


i didn't know exactly what things you wanted in detail, but mine is adaptable to the speed and size of the wheel. i have to admit it does kinda look wierd since the whole system just "appears" to be scaling up and down. but in essence, it's just one channel for the speed and one for the size and everything else accomodates. but yea, just change that and everything else goes along happy.. :D

also, i have to be honest and say my solution sorta breaks if you go below a value of 1 for the size of the wheel.. the speed is cool at whatever value. and everything on the wheel works fine at whatever value for size as well, except for the orange "valves" that the blue "pistons" go in to. the wheel, arm anchors, arms, and pistons can be any value.. but the orange things at the bottom get screwed up under a size of 1 and in to the negative values. i can prob fix it, but didn't want to until i found out if this is what you were wanting for the challenge.

thanks alex :D on a personal note, how have you been?.. (im assuming this is the alex that I know from RUF at SCAD and now at R+H...?) anyways, i hope you are doing well, happy, and loving what you're doing these days. drop me a note sometime if you feel like chatting.

dave quirus

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Actually, I was looking at couple people's set up and noticed that I changed the rotation and something breaks, hence I thought it might be fun to ask for a more flexible method. Nonetheless, it's very good to see how people come up with different solutions to solve this fun little exercise. That's one of the beauty of houdini and its proceduralism, I dare say. :)

Oh, for those who are pretty new to Houdini, this is generally how we learn Houdini -- looking at other people's set up. Being able to open up a project file and see how other people set up their work is pretty unique to Houdini's procedural workflow. I just love it! :) I still have TONS of stuff to learn too! It's very exciting!

On other note, yes, I am he. Things are pretty slow for now. I missed my friends and places that I always go to in LA as well as back at home in ATL (can you believe this, I missed ATL already before I even left). Nonetheless, I am excited about the next chapter. :) It's good to be back into the Houdini land again. Houdini has quite a change after you skipped a version. Plus, I am all "furred out" for now... :P



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After about an hour I think I got it finally. :D One thing I'm wondering is that I couldn't get the arm that goes up and down to work right until looking at deecue's file again. I don't understand what the

point("../xform1", 1, "P",1)-2.7 expression is doing. In the help file it says it takes information from a point in the sop but I don't quite understand what its doing. <_<


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Hi halion,

All that the point() do is to tell Houdini to take the value of a point attribute at certain index of a certain point number. What's happpening there is, take the position (P) attribute of point number 1 at Y index from "xform1" and return the result.

point("SOP name", point_number, attribute, index)

HTH. :)


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