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outputting fur as a bgeo seq

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I am trying to find a way to put fur on a character with an animated bounce/walk cycle as a single bgeo seq. so i can read it back in to new scene where i will copy the furry character to a particle sim. think crowd sim of little bouncing furry guys.

Im fine with getting the fur on the character. and having it be dynamic with the bouncing. my question is what is now the best way to get the character with fur out into one bgeo for later use?

thanks all

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Ive tried all different forms of obj merging and putting that new geo obj in the sop path for the geo rop. but all i get is what looks like a very faceted object. like flat fat poly grids, nothing like fur. ill post some examples when i get a chance later today.

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How to put the shader from the rop fur geo.

here is a snap shot it´s quit easy. copy the shop shader that is made in the fur system.

Into a location that you can use , maybe in the same geomety node.

included basic scene.

In this example the texture fur is hooked up.

hope it helps






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thank you mangi,

i think the fur system uses some kind of delayed load functionality (fur procedural?) for getting control over the haircount at rendertime. Is it possible to bake this count as an attribute ore something when writing out the geometry, so that i can render more hairs than displayed in the viewport?



EDIT: As mentioned in another thread i'd like to do some copy-stamping with fur objects. The GeoRop in your example seems to be a way to bring all?! the data of a furnetwork together. Is there a similar way to bring all the data into 1 geo ore SOP, so that i can use a copySOP for ALL the data.

for the stamping process it would be nice to have the data "online", so that all parameters are available for stamping ...

pls lets go on here:

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