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How to cache a simulation so that motion blur works fine?


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Hi guys,

I have some troubles making motion blur work correct. You can see in this video that the motion blur has some artifacts:

I've also uploaded an image that shows the correct version on the left, the version with the problem on the right.

It's because I had cached to disk the simulation and even though I had also the subsets cached the artifact appeared... weird... does anyone know how to properly cache a simulation so that it works fine with motion blur?




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if your model includes a vector attribute, and you choose bgeo as your file output, then vector attrib is written out and is included when you read the model back in.

if instead you are using geo time samples for motion blur, then motion blur should be fine as well...


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you didn't say what method do you use for caching, but I guess you don't cache trasforms with Dynamics CHOP but rather whole geometry with either file DOP/explicit cache in DOPs or file SOP in SOPs. In case of caching whole geometry you probably need to attach TimeBlend SOP just after Dopimport SOP or File SOP which is importing cached data. It will ensure that the geometry is blended between frames giving you proper deformation motion blur

and if you've used CHOPs to cache simulation transforms, then export them to your objects directly, you should get correct transformation motion blur

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