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simple NURBS extrusion question

David Gary

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Sorry I'm facing a little newbie problem

( bcoz i rarely explore the nurbs sops and largely prefer the Polygon-Subdivision scheme)

I'd like to extrude a NurbsCurve Profile/X-section along a NurbsCurve path.

The Skin or Sweep Sops make copies of the NurbsCurve Profile ( at each Path CV) and then put a skin. So the result is not smooth ( linear junction between each copy).

It usually satisfies me because i don't need too much precision but here

i need a smooth result

I'm sure there's a simple way to achieve a smooth result but i cannot find it.

Any help appreciated. :)

( i feel abit ashamed not to know my sops all by heart).

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append a skin to the sweep. Keep output geometry off for the sweep. I don't see why you're not getting a smooth result.

You could also increase the order of the backbone curve or even refine it before sweeping

sometimes the OGL viewport looks a bit jaggie but renders fine

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