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2011 Houdini Reel

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Hi, everybody!

Much time has passed since I got copy of Houdini Master as a winner of Houdini Apprentice Challenge. All this time i've been working as a render/compositing/fx artist and here is my new demoreel.


All rendering/lighting/compositing stuff was performed by me. All FX were created using Houdini

At this moment I finish my participation as a lead fx artist in upcoming Kikoriki The Movie where wide range of effects starting dust, destructions, rain and finally water and ocean storm were created using Houdini. So more mindblowing stuff coming soon =)

Feel free to comment!

Igor Kharitonov

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nice reel, I like explosions and flames.

If I could suggest you something, it would be about the end: you make an iced stone comes on camera and the reel stops there.

It seems it's not finished.

You should dissolve on black and, if you like, it would be better to put your name and email again, so a recruiter could stop easily and read your name.

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Nicely done! The breakdown that shows all the layers and compositing adjustments shows off the complexity that went into the work. I like the bird playing cello in the rain most of all, good work!

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