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Hexagonal mesh


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Thanks. To be more clear: I don't need to divide an arbitrary 3D shape into hexagons, I just need a flat, roughly square surface made of hexagons. I can always use a Copy SOP, but I thought there could be a "smarter" way.

EDIT: Never mind, I got it: start with a tri grid, then blast away the centers of hexagonal areas.

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You can use voronoi fracture to split a grid into hexes... although the only problem with this is you end up with bits on the edges that aren't hexes.


I think using a copy is a good way to do it :)

annnd here is the file

but I don't think the hexes are right ...


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Thanks for the link!

On a closed surface of genus 0, faces other than hexagons

must be used, provided that all the vertices are of degree 3 (for example,

see Figure 2). Assuming that only hexagons and pentagons are allowed,

it is easy to show that there have to be exactly 12 pentagons. A typical

soccer ball is an example of such a tiling of a surface of genus 0, which has

12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.

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If you start with something with all triangles and use the Divide SOP with "Compute Dual" on, you can get some cool stuff.

Give this a try...

Grid SOP,

then PolyBevel SOP, with "Relative Inset" set to 1

then Divide SOP, with "Compute Dual"

Also take a look inside the Platonic Solid SOP and see how they created the Soccer Ball. :)


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