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number of inputs for an operator


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Hi Guillaume!

For predefined OP, i've nothing to say.

For custom VOPs, the branching of differents input is not like

merging them all, but like taking in account the information of each

input simultaneously.

as VOP don't create data,

I don't know situations where you need >4 inputs.

For Compositing VOP, you can add image Planes...

For Channel VOP, you can access any channel...

A workaround is to differentiate pre-Merged inputs with point attributes in

geometry VOPs.

A >4 input VOP is like a >4 variable function... i rarerly see them used.

But i'm interested to know where you need >4 inputs OPs.

(since Merge OPs can receive up to 99 inputs, i think that in the HDK you

can create OP with any number of inputs, but maybe i'm wrong...).

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Hi FrenchOP, nice to see you here.

Yes, actually I would not need more than 4 inputs for custom operators, but I might need to program some with the HDK. So, anyone could tell me if I can create an OP with any number of input in with the HDK?

And could it even be possible to add/delete input or attributes on the fly? It is possible in Maya and very useful sometimes.

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I know this is a very old topic, but I'm in the process of building a custom sequence blend asset based on a VOP SOP and I actually need more than 4 inputs. So is there any way that I could add more inputs to my VOP SOP?

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you can workaround that that by merging all shapes by a mergesop an feeding the result into the second input of your vop. to get the point position of a shape point just query the point with the index pointnumber +( number of shapes in the merge * point count)

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