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A different Challenge

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Ok guys, this will be the first challenge that I ever created so I hope that it is a bit of a challenge for you guys:P

This challenge is different then the ones that I have seen anywhere so far, because it has rules.

So here is the Challenge with all the rules and goals:


-Create the most effective DoP Network possible

-there has to be at least one fracture Object in the scene

-at least one liquid simulation

-one cloth simulation


-you are only allowed to use 3geo nodes on the OBJ level

-only on DoP is allowed

-as many fluid containers as you need and one ground OBJ

-as many VOP and SOP networks as you want


-you are only allowed to use 3 copy nodes in each geo node to copy the original geo(for modeling purpose you can use as many as you need)


-only 3 static RBDs

-only 3 other RBDs

-max of 2 fracture OBJs

-only one force(beside gravity)


-when you cache out a simulation and layer a different simulation onto that cached simulation it counts towards the coals but it does not count as two simulations in the DoP.

I know this is totally different then normal challenges, but I always think that it is to boring if you can do what you always do.

I hope that those rules forces some of you guys to think out side the box and learn something new:P

Oh and the winner is the person that creates the most creative simulation(every one can vote for their favorite!)


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What do I win if I can be bothered to do any of this? :D

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just one question, you want to have fracture Object, liquid simulation and cloth simulation all at the same time??? or we can do it one by one on Dop?

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First and for all you would win nothing but the joy of know that you learned something:P

CSN0309 as i sad you can cache out simulations and then simply lock the nodes responsible for the effect in the DoP...

but yea in the end there should only be one DoP network that contains all simulations.


I know its hard, but thats why I called it a challenge and not an exercise:P

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This doesn't sound like a challenge in the spirit of the others on this forum.

With all of the specific requirements and rather large amount of work involved, it sounds more like someone trying to crowd-source a solution for a work or school project.

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That's exactly what it seemed like to me as well!

I don't understand why someone with 7 posts is proposing a challenge for everyone to do, written like it's compulsory...

It's so vague and without direction, I doubt anyone is going to spend their time on it.

If you are just trying to learn, follow some of the tutorials around and post your work up for critique. Or propose an easier challenge for beginners that's got some direction and isn't too complicated. But I don't mean come up with a challenge yourself, have a discussion with anyone interested to see what is the group consensus.

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Well guys I am pretty confused right now.

Yes the challenge is different then anything else here on the forum or anywhere else... but that is why the name of the post is "a different Challenge" and it also says so at the start of the post.

But I was expecting these complaints, the thing that really throughs me off is the fact, that it seams very important for you guys how many posts a person has on this forum!

Why can't a person that just fond this site put a challenge out there?

And as far as the concerns go, that the challenge is a school exercise... I can see that...

But it was just an idea I came up with during a long flight trying to get better in dops my self.

And is there a better way to learn then forcing your self to use different approaches.

If you guys don't want to do the challenge, thats fine... But don't be like the rest of the internet and hate on everything that is new;P


OHH and yes the rules are the rules!

they are meant to be hard, if they would be to easy then why have them

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If you'd like help on how to set a system up like this, simply ask in the forums - people here are friendly and will often help if they are able to find the time.

However, posting in the guise of a "challenge" that boils down to you saying "make me an efficient, multi-purpose DOP network I can use for my projects" and posting a request for help along with a file showing you've tried are two very different things..

You aren't the only Vancouver Film School student on here asking for help :)

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I think if you look at the other challenges that we've kept, they're generally very intriguing without many rules. ie. they allow anyone who's interested try something new in Houdini with fun/interesting results. The most fun part of the challenges is seeing how people come up with different ways to achieve the same goal.

This does seem a bit specific. I'll move it to the correct location and close the thread. Please feel free to come up with other challenges, but use the exising ones as a guide.



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