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generating directories

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Hi everybody.

Sorry for the n00b question. But I'm struggling to find this.

I'd like for Houdini to generate directories for the images I'm rendering. Something like what you can do in Maya <Camera>/<RenderLayer>/Filename... What kind of expression do I need or what would in need to create a folder while rendering.

like $HIP/`dirCreateFunction`/image_${F4}.picnc

Okay Have found my answer here

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The minimalist solution - highly error - prone is to wrap hscript's umkdir with expression:

string mkdir(string dir) 

    string command = strcat("umkdir ", dir);
    string result  = execute(command);
    return dir;


so that


would work. Something more elaborated (possible Python call wrapped similarly), checking path, permission flags etc highly recommended. Refusing temptation of creating folders automatically is even more recommended :).


ps Install either by Menu Edit -> Aliases & Variables -> Expressions Tab or with a line executed in 123.py

exread &lt;houdini_path&gt;/myexpressions.cmd

edit: looks like 4 years later I'm still repeating myself...

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For this purposes I wrote python script, which need set in Pre-render path of every rop node.

import os
if os.path.exists(fPath)==0: os.makedirs(fPath)
    if (os.path.exists(flPath)==0) and (hou.parm(curNode+"/vm_disable_plane"+str(i)).eval()==0): os.makedirs(lPath[0:lPath.rfind("/")])

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I write Pre-Render Script in Hscript

umkdir -p `chs("vm_picture")`:h

That's simple.It's my default mantra setting.

If and when you use ROP Output Driver

umkdir -p `chs("sopoutput")`:h

I always use this.

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