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Fur on changing topology


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Does anyone know if there's any way to get consistent fur coverage on changing topology?

It appears the fur system will create it's own UV's at a rest position, but as soon as the topology changes there are obviously issues with this. I can use a texture map generated from a procedural that can maintain the general placement of the hair - but the exact position of the guide hairs will change regardless and thus change the overall look.



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I'm trying to create a deforming skin - and doing so by turning an object into FLIP particles, and slowly manipulating them with noise and SDF fields in the pop solver. I then mesh with particleFluidSurface... and the changing topology is a result of that.

The mesh isn't intended to deform a great deal, I realise this could be done in SOP's... but I'm using a promoted rest attribute from the flip simulation to the mesh that drives a procedural texture - which gives the result I'm after. So I'm hoping that there's a way around the changing topology issue - maybe.

The attached file is basically what I'm trying to deal with.



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Yeah bit nasty.

You can sort of do it by creating your own guide hairs - from some scatter points, and prim attribute lookups. But I eventually found the easiest method was to copy-stamp small grid geo to flip particles just below the mesh.

Thanks for looking anyhow.


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there are several thing you can do but with limitation,

hair in houdini needs a rest position for the points of the mesh, if you only need regular hair with no special attribute such as white hairs noise etc... you can use it and no biggies. but will jitter since the points are changing and also the separation of the polygons is stretching.

can you scatter points base on an attribute and copy a line to it? that will preseve those needed attributes?

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