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backbone example


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huh, finaly I finished my spine rig (mmmm, not quite finished because I have to model the ribs and rig them but the spine part is ok). I made use of the cv path at the obj level and I must say it's a great feature.

please take a look and tell me what you think

due to file size constrain I have to delete the geometry for every second vertebrae :((((

see ya



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I haven't played too much with it. I like the simple controls and how it offers stretchy spine. Would love to see how well it works with a weighted character.

Just some offhand comments:

- You can probably reduce the size of your hip file dramatically if you just had one copy of the vertebrae geometry. Use an Object Merge instead to reference them in separate geo objects.

- Do you ever plan on adding scaleZ control for animators? It might come in handy for fine tuning the spine shape?

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I love your rigs dude. They are awesome. Mouth on the floor. I don't normally get more than a few days to rig at my school because thats all our prof allows. I looked at your arm rig. Bravo. Very nice. Although I do wish it had visual controls instead of just sliders. I think it makes it faster for animation if there are visual controls on the character. Your bone modeling is awesome too. Very accurate. I have got to go to a Weta conference. lol


Nate Nesler :blink::ph34r::huh::DB):)

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Thats a pretty nice and responsive rig there. I'd also like to see it on a weighted character. Perhaps some select-scripts for the vertabrae could also pick the necessary control objects? Or make a big proxy control boxes around the spine?

Keep going, it's looking promising!

BTW, does anyone else often get jumpy/snappy/granular handle movement until you manually Home on the thing you're manipulating?

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many thx for your comments, and I'm very glad that you like it. I'm sorry that I don't have time to work a little bit more on the project; my goal is to build a skeleton fully rigged and than put some muscles and a skin and show to the world how nice and easy you can do character anim in Houdini, because I read here and there about it and people tend to put labels on software like maya is great for anim and character anim and houdini just for effects; not true, if you know the tools it's easy to do character anim in any sw. I'm a maya user for work but I'm gettin more and more enthusiastic about houdini and the procedural way, I mean maya doesn't have capture regions and blend regions. you want to shoot yourself when a client come and tells you that the character looks better with 4 fingers instead of 3 after you rig the whole character.

I want to do select scripts and other things like Jason said but I'm a beginner and I don't know how to make them, maybe after I'm done with it you wanna help me doing that stuff.

BTW can someone explain to me how ray tracing/caustic/transparency and transparent shadows work in houdini (see my post in VEX for more details)

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