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How to use comp nodes in VOPs?

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I generated some simple images using COPs. Is there a way to use these as textures in VOP context?

I tried using:


for the texture map, but it doesn't seem to work.

Can I do this without rendering the COP results as images to disk?

Thanks :)

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you can reference them using op: syntax like


or in your case


EDIT: but be sure you are doing this on VOP parameters not inside of VOP network

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Thanks anim. What do you mean on VOP parameters? Do you mean promoted parameters? I tried to use them directly on the parameters of VOPs, but of course it didn't work and mantra complained about not finding the map.

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Hi, I've followed this method before, but for some weird reason, it doesn't seem to be working (H15.347).. or I may have just missed something really simple. ^_^

  1. I have a grid, with uv texture:
  2. In SHOPs, I created a simple Material Shader Builder network, the Texture VOP's Map is the only parameter exposed.
  3. Also in SHOPs, I created a COP network.
  4. I then set the shader's texture map to point to the COP using:
  5. Inside COPs, I have a simple File COP set to load the default Mandril.pic
  6. I assigned the material to the Grid object then lastly, I rendered the scene.

  7. But if try and directly reference the Mandril image like so:
  8. It renders fine..

What could I be missing?


Attached below is a Houdini Indie file.


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