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Poly Curve Split

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Hello guys! I've been thinking for a long time for a such tool and with H12 it's become possible. My tool is based on a poly split node than in H12 can finally cut inside a polygon.

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Thanks man! I'm not going to share this tool in the nearest future. Maybe a couple of months later... But if you have any questions about working of this tool, please asking!

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Hello Sergei!


Awesome tool you got there:)

I bought the learning edition of the tool, and I have Houdini version 13.0.237.

Created a grid and a curve, both polygon.

Then attached it to Poly Curve Split and then it crashed to desktop. "Fatal Error"

I tried it in an earlier version of Houdini (12...) but it did not work there either, did not crash, but I could not  get the curve to split my grid.


I would like to use this in H13, is it possible?

Anything I might have missed using the tool?



I really really want to use this tool;)




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