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Toon shader for Pyro?


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Hi, I'm a student working on my senior thesis project, which includes some pyro effects. I need to find a way to toonshade them to fit with the style of the film, but haven't had much luck figuring out a good way to go about it. Any suggestions about how to toon shade pyro? I'm using H12.


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There are many possibilities like converting the volumes into contiguous polygons, advecting particles or objects through the volume and rendering those, rendering normally and then posterizing in compositing, etc. Some better than others depending on the exact look you're going for. Some reference images of what you're going for or what you want it to fit with would help.

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The film is 2D with 3D BGs, so all the models are flat shaded with outlines and I want the fire to fit in. Here's a still shot from the film to show what it looks like. (it's a little dark at this point, sorry) I'm going for a hand-drawn look, or as close as possible.


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