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UV Stretching problem

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I have this NURBS surface but I can't get rid of the UV stretching in the middle section. I have tried all the options in the UVTexture SOP.

Is there any way I can make the mapping uniform?

Here is the pic (made the wireframe bigger for clarity):


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im afraid there isnt much you can do to correct 'the stretching'

, unless you keep refining the NURBs hulls until those match as much as possible with the NURB surface .

click on 'show primitive hulls' button and you wll see who dictates the UV 'intensity' .

suggestion ; try increasing the splines Order on FilletSOP and things wll be a bit better .

you can use other similar refinement tools too .


anyway ive attached an example( more like a concept )on how you could UV 'continuously' more extreme fillet cases .. =)









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additionally , the quickest ( and maybe the safest ) way of refining the hulls wd be to :

> add a convert applied only to the fillet NURB ( converting it to polygons ; generating 'high-fidelity' hulls )

> add another convert only to the latest polygons ( converting fillet part to NURB again )

> use again carve-measure combo to seamlessly and continuously generate UVs

yet in theory .. =)

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