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Spherical Harmonics in VOPs


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I've done a bit of experimenting, and implemented some VOPs which can be used to generate and evaluate spherical harmonics inside a VOP net. I've written up some info on what this is all about here: http://mattebb.com/weblog/spherical-harmonics-in-vops/ and you can download the OTL and a hip here: http://mattebb.com/projects/houdini/houdini_sh_otl_hipnc.v001.zip

Or just check the video - hope it's understandable!

I have ideas for some more more practical usage for these tools in mind, will update here if I can get time to do it!

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Jesse: Yeah, took sweet time I know, but finally...

eetu: There are lots of things it can be useful for - I saw the blog of a Maya char TD who was using SH to mix several different 0blend shapes based on the angle between bones. Anything that involves values that vary by angle!

aghourab: Well, I understand the concepts but not really the detailed math :) The code is mostly this paper translated into VEX: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~cs4162/slides/spherical-harmonic-lighting.pdf

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