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Camera XY Pos of Points at SOP level

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Hey all,

I need to save the XY pos in camera space of some points at SOP level.

So from left to right will be 0-1, bottom to top 0-1 of the point in camera space saved as a point attribute.

I would have thought it could have been done with a transform in VOPSOPs, but I'm not sure exactly of the syntax to use, if indeed it works at all.

Any ideas?



P.s. I've attached a simple scene to show you what I mean.


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I got the green (y) component to work but the red (x) and blue (z) need to have something done to them, not sure what at the moment...

EDIT: This is pretty much it, the x values seem a little odd, you probably have to remap x and y to your aspect ratio as the coordinates appear to be in more of a 1:1 ratio currently.


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