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apply bones to point on curve


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I'm wondering if there is a way (either through script in textport or any other method) to apply a bone to every point along a curve. i know i can control the rig through the curve method (which i will be doing) but i want to be able to have the same number of bones as points on my curve. and i want them to lay along the curve and create a new bone at each point.

i.e. root would sit at pt. 0 and bone1 from pt 0 to pt 1. bone2 1-2. bone three 2-3. etc etc.

i know i could do it manually, but say i had fifty points on a curve that i wanted to have bones along that matched. instead of drawing out 50 bones evenly and accurately spaced, it would be nice to have a little script or sop otl to be able to just tell it to create them for me. :)

Suggestions anyone?



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Ok now I remember how I did it. Ok create a curve first with the number of points you want for bones. Then hit tab and go to character and select Bones From Curve. This is how I did my spine. Ok so now you enter how many bones you want which will be the same number of points you have. You can also do like Spine_ for the name of the joints instead of chain_ up in the left hand corner. Ok good Now do tab and type Bones set Bones Follow Curve and Ctrl Right Click then select Add Kinematics. It will prompt you to select the first bone right click then select last bone and right click. Then it will ask you to select the curve and right click. After that you can create null control objects for each point in the curve and create Transform SOPs for each point in the curve. Copy Parameter the Null Control Object and Relative Ref Paste into the xform SOP for the that point. Link the curve to controls along with the spine point controls and Presto your done. ;):) You can use primative sop add color to create colors for you icons.


Nate Nesler

P.S. I love houdini for rigging just Wow.

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