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How to blur point colors?

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Thanks alot guys, super useful. I didn't inspect Smooth SOP enough to realize it had options to blur colors and other attributes :)

But that made me also curious as to whether you could achieve other types of blurs. Like what about radial blur? Pretty sure this is not built-in, right? If not, then how would you do it? VOPs?

Also in the case of Radial Blur, just like the Smooth SOP, I am thinking of being able to apply to any attribute.

EDIT: That attribute blur OTL is great and pretty fast too. I can't see which line in the code does the blurring though.

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You could also use and attribute transfer sop and wire the your colored grid into both inputs. Then make sure you set it to sample from more than 1 point and play with the radius a bit.

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