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Time Freeze

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mmmm... in the making of, we dont need to see what is 3d and what is not, i think that is obvious for us :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

the interesting thing there is the people being freezed while camera travels, how do you achieved that? are they really acting static?? or is any compositing trick?

a friend of mine who worked in pirates of caribean 3 told me that they used a trick with nuke where you could freze objects of real fotage of any frame and blend it with the same object of other frames so things looks freezed in place while other things remain in movement... did you something like that???

and this remindsme that inception music is so badass...

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The actors are standing static - it couldn't be done using a compositing trick because the camera goes all around the people so you would know it was 2D if you did it in Nuke :)

Also, the making of was needed as part of the assessment at the uni. So, it had to be there. :)

Thanks for watching.

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