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primitives group moved by particles


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I'm facing some problems :

i made some primitives groups an created a point in the centroid of each . Now i would like to copy each group on the corresponding point for animate them with some particles ( a little like the primitive sop would do , but whith some primitives groups)

maybe is there a way to convert a group of primitives to a single primitive (and so , using the primitive sop ) ?

hope i'm understandable

see you,



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I would love for sidefx to create a sop that does this. However, most of this functionality exists in the the dop import node. I have a feeling you should be able to hack a solution using this. I did not have a lot of time, but here is a simple example, with many issues. However, it might point you in the right direction.

The idea is to make a "dumb" dop net that just is used to create a position on the objects. These you can later use to transform the incoming groups in a dopimport node. In the example, not everything transforms well, and there are no rotation etc.

Please note the animation of the points is done in sops not in the dop net. you can get the animation from anywhere, for example particles.


Hope it helps,


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thank you Koen ,

very interesting approach and it seem to work well , more reactive than the (very slow) delete/copyStamp solution , i m not very used with dop , so it will take me a little time to understand all the aspects of your file . i will dig into it



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You can store the centroid of each primitive group, then in a foreach sop, zero out the prim group via its centroid, then apply the corresponding particle position.

Unfortunately you won't get rotations with simple particles. If you generate a rotation matrix on each particle then you can also apply that to the zero'd out prim group before transforming it to the particle position.

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