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Boundry Artifacts with Pyro clustering

Ali Kapadia

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Hi There, I want to know if there is a way around getting rid of boundry artifacts or seams that appear in a Pyro Simulation when we instance containers based of point clusters in sops.I hope the attached images can make my problem easy to understand.



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I had this same problem and gave up and ended up just using one large container, doing super lowrez sim, then uprezzing. Also my boss was screaming to get the shot done.

I cannot even use uprez because my flames are colliding with the body of the car and it seems that by uprezing I will lose the details of the collision.

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Not easy to tell from just the pics, but it may be that

1) Your source object is moving fast enough to stop being tracked.

If that is the case, try increasing the padding values on the resize_container dop and see if it improves.

2) Your clustering might be problematic. If you're using the clusterpoints SOP, try turning off 'Build Clusters' and create the clusters as attributes on your points before the clusterpoints SOP.

Hope this helps - I have had great success with the clustering so far.


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Actually Cluster doesn't send information from one bound to another. It just makes an equal simulation where the bounds intersects.

Basically it will come in handy when your smoke uses more memory than you have available and your network is too crappy to distribute, since each box is simulated independently.

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