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ramp parameter with subnet not working

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Hi, I've made a subnet with volume vop in it.

I have a ramp in volume vop and I am trying to reference curve that I got from top level subnet's ramp parameter to this volume vop's ramp parameter.

By doing usual copy reference seems to not working.

Any work around?

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I tried drag and drop, copy&ref , or in the "Type property of the node and drag from "from nodes" but still not working.

Anyone has any idea?

for the opmultiparm hscript, where do I put the expression? (any more info to follow for this manual method even?)

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Let's say you have Geometry node, vop sop in it and ramp param in it. Ramp automatically promoted to the vop sop interface. Now to promote this ramp to Geometry node level open Edit parameter interface dialog of the Geometry node, dive in to this node click on label of the ramp in the vop sop node and drag it to the Edit parameters interface window. thats it.


Otherwise you'll get bunch of parameters and not the ramp gui itself

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