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pyro : export variable for each light

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Hello everyone,

I have a simple volume object, with a pyro shader applied to it. I then add to simple lights with shadow map.

Everything renders fine. But now I would like to to export each light influence separatly.

When I create extra image planes to do that, I can't get what I need :

I have tried : direct_diffuse, direct_volume, smoke_color, and a bunch of other variables .... and still nothing.

Is there a way to get extra image planes with separate light infuence ?

I hope I'am clear

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In order to do per light exports, you need to put the export parameters inside the illuminance loop for micropolygon and raytracing. For PBR, it's more of a challenge.

Currently none of the volumetric shaders (pyro, billowy, basic smoke) ship with per-light exports. Only the Pyro Shader ships with any exports at all.

Have you tried rendering out your lights one with pure red, one with green and one with blue? The R, G and B channels each would then represent each light in comp. If you have a look at the DD breakdown reels from the past wrt volumetrics, you will see three lights, R G and B in the pass so that each can be separated in comp and then adjusted.

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