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3D Room Render


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I used Maya for modeling and Houdini for everything else. I exported just a beauty pass using Houdini`s Mantra renderer. For post processing I used After effects, but only for small color tweaks.
The entire project took about 2 weeks and it mainly involved learning how to achieve a realistic look. The last 3 days were focused just on balancing the materials, lights and textures to achieve the final feel.



Feedback and questions are appreciated.

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beautiful! How long was the render time and what was the specs of the mantra & system?

Hey, thanks.

The final render took around 9 hours, but I think I bumped up the pixel samples probably a bit too much for the PBR. Pixel samples 20 x 20, image resolution 1600px x 1080px.

Other info:

Diffuse limit 2

Color space: Gamma 2.2

This topic on the sidefx forum helped me a lot to achieve this render.


The most important light in my scene is the environment light that has an HDR environment map attached to it. I recommend taking out any walls or objects that may obstruct the light.

Peter Quint has a tutorial on this. Check out his videos and his scene files.


System specs: Intel Core 2 duo, quad core q9950- 2.83 GHZ ; 8Gb of ram.

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