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point instancing - instance geo visible in viewport


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I'm pretty new to Houdini and I'm having a pretty basic problem. I did one of the tutorials on the SideFX site and it used point instancing enabled by adding an instance render parameter, now I'm trying something myself and I cannot work out why my instanced geometry is visible in the viewport, not just at render time.

I have a subnet, inside of there are two networks, one is a grid, one is my instanced geometry [in this case an led]. The grid network has the point instancing render param and when I dive in there I just see points, but up at subnet and obj level I get the full led geometry making everything very sluggish. I've looked through the scene I made doing the tutorial and I can't see anything I'm doing wrong.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks very much...

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The tutorial was written before the viewport was capable of point instancing. If you'd like to use the viewport's point instancing option to accelerate instances, just skip the step where the Copy SOP stamps the instances on the points, and keep the display flag on the final SOP with the points.

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