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RBD ACTIVATION Based on Collision similar to Thinking particles


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Hi guys!

Im a 3ds max(Thinking particles) user and my company require me to shift to Houdin. Is there a way to do this in houdini?

I tried using rbd and bullet but it show weird result like in first frame it explode or all of the pre fractude object starting to move.

Can anyone share a similar hip file similar to my test in thinking particles?


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Your example is very simple to create in Houdini..if you know what you´re doing.

The "exploding frame" is a very common problem (and forum question) regarding bullet. A simple search will give a LOT of threads talking about this at this very forum. Roughly, you have to avoid concave shapes to be able to use Bullet properly, otherwise you get the first frame explotion (for instance,deactivate interior detail on the Voronoi Fracture SOP).

To get a similar effect to the shown video you need to use Glue Networks. On the shelf there is a tool called "Glue Adjacent" that you want to use.

All this will get you started, but I´m afraid you have a lot of material to review if you don´t know what´s going on.

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nice i will found you the file again :)

you need download the folder debris also and put it in your houdini file path .

this solve your second problem but for the first one i dont know how solve this ?

and i have a question

in my opinion debris is a small objects . why you need to make many hundreds of objects very small collide like a rbd (simulation time )and dont use pop for that.?

see this video i think its fine with pop.


RBD Glue Study_v3.hipnc


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You have a point there and agree with that its just im kinda used to thingking particles where everything is rigidbody collision. Anyways Awesome awesome awesome tips again! Thanks for your help guys!cant wait to try this on my effects shoots!

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