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My little explosion

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Houdini. Mantra (pbr for smoke beauty pass + raytrace/mp for ground dust and additional passes - shadows, fire, fire reflect etc.)

several medium grids. ~300 gb of different caches, pyro + some extensions, simple shaders.

Next time will use different setup and hope it will lead to more natural motion (and need some patience to sim large grids with winds etc to add realism))

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Ya pretty damn good.

I made and observation yesterday when I first saw the clip.

the "add camera shake" encouraged.

Anyway , Here is a blow up of what I mean. (FX_BUSHES_MOVEMENT_R_01.MOV)

The little bushes are completely static.

I would remove these elements from the back plate:

mocha Pro Remove Module Overview: Fix it in Post;

& more Ideas of course , but this is just for starters.

+ some transparancy to see Mountains Silhouette at some moment.


If you don´t k now what mocha is:



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First of all, great work.

Some thoughts for potential improvement:

- Less CA (I know, it's hard, but less is more in that case)

- cam shake as others suggested

- in a dusty enviroment like that the dust thrown up by the shock wave on the ground should maybe linger and not dissolve. If you look at random footage of the typical desert conflict these days, there's always a layer of hovering dust over the ground after the initial explosion

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I agreed with all you posted.

1) ground dust - truly speaking it's pretty lowres, and it looks ok only in motion) to make it more static at the end == sim way bigger grid - i need to rearrange my hdds)

2) All these bushes - i know, i tried to find photo with less details to not dive into lsystems, wire sims etc. I just thought explosion don't let you notice these damn static bushes)

Overall - i just want to make my explosions better and when i realized what to improve i decided not to spend too much time on secondaries. So next my attempts will be better. must be.

Thanks one more time - it's nice i have crits and not silence or "good job, man")

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Very nice indeed. I just posted a thread about figuring out a way to create secondary elements like shockwaves. The ground dust in this shot is what I'm after. Maybe you can dawn some knowledge on me. :)

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