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ERROR: Invalid Machine Name

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I recently intalled a new motherboard, and am unable to re-install my apprentice license.

I tried doing this:

Sometimes the SERVER key may become invalid if you change the computer name or upgrade your hardware. Changing the computer name is not advisable unless all the licenses have been returned. Most common reason for invalid SERVER key, then, is hardare upgrade that changes the server code (server id).

To install a new valid SERVER key for your computer, please follow these steps:
  • Open the License Administrator (hkey)
  • Select File -> Install Licenses
  • Log in
  • In the dialog box click on the "Licenses" tab
  • Select the checkbox to reinstall the SERVER key
  • Press Install button

This should reinstall the new SERVER key for your computer.

My computer's name hasn't changed, and unfortunately for me, both "install licenses" and "manually enter keys" are greyed out (unselectable).

I've alos tried deleting evey houdini file I can find, and reinstalling, but somehow the problem still persists. there's got to be a hidden file somewhere...

I should note, I'm running 12.5.427 on CentOS 6.4 w/apprentice licensing


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Not sure if it's gonna be any help, I just came across this issue today as well. 

I use a mac. I think the first step is to make sure all 3 green ticks are on in your License Administrator. 

If installing a new license and manually installing a license are greyed out, it most likely means you don't have write permission to change the license.local files. Make sure you check your permissions on the machine. I encountered this on my windows boot camp.

I'm not sure how it was determined on installation, but my license admin was set to network licensing, when in fact it should be local licensing, this relates to the tick that says "This server is unable to dish out licenses". So you need to go to your license.local and change the license variable to local licensing.


Took me some time to figure it out, hope it helps!


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